What Nobody Tells You About Losing Weight

There’s a great thread in the Community Forums on My Fitness Pal called What Nobody Tells You About Losing Weight. It’s started about three and one-half years ago and is currently 406 pages long. I’ve posted on there a few times and love reading what others have discovered as we share a lot of the same thoughts, ideas, milestones, and changes, some funny, some serious.

So – my version of what Nobody Told Me About Losing Weight:

  • How one decision would change my life for the better.
  • How recommended serving sizes can be ridiculous. One-half cup of ice cream?? Who is responsible for that asinine idea?
  • The amount of time I would spend fondling my collarbone once it became visible.
  • How pointy my hip bones can be, and how much it hurts when I bang into something.
  • How everyone would think they could weigh in (pun intended) on my weight and food choices.
  • How I could bend over to tie my shoes and not get all red faced or a feel a head rush when I stood up.
  • That fiber makes the world a better place.
  • That I need pillows on my seats because it gets uncomfortable sitting on a hard surface.
  • How cooking my own food isn’t so bad. Goodbye to my Queen of Takeout title.
  • How flipping a tire in Boot Camp is fun.
  • How traumatizing running in public for the first time would be, although no one cared except that dog on the leash. Thank you C25K app.
  • How clothing sizes come in numbers, and without XXXs on them. 3X no more!
  • How the people who have the most advice about what I should do, or what I am doing wrong, are the ones who aren’t doing anything themselves.
  • How sleeping on my side without a pillow between my knees leaves red marks and is darn uncomfortable.
  • That I can deadlift more than my bodyweight.
  • That it’s possible to run a mile and live to tell about it.
  • That I would take group fitness classes and look at myself in the mirror without cringing. And get annoyed if someone got directly in front of me.
  • That the scale is not my friend and we need to break up, but that I’m not quite there yet. It’s a love/hate relationship.
  • That a good dietitian is worth her weight in gold 🙂
  • How trying foods I thought were disgusting as a kid, really aren’t.
  • That I had an eye for figuring out how much a particular food weighed before putting it on the food scale and how I can cut a chunk of mozzarella cheese within a few grams of what I wanted.
  • That work-related potlucks and parties are rarely worth the calories and I don’t need to feel obligated to eat something because it’s there.
  • That it’s a weird feeling to wear a shirt that actually touches my body instead of hanging loosely.
  • That there are people who take my weight loss personally and aren’t happy about it, and they had to go.
  • But that there are more people who are super supportive and it means so much.
  • That the last part of the body to lose weight is the brain and that I would be unable to see the first fifty pound loss until I put two pictures side-by-side.
  • That the first time I would go to the mall to go clothes shopping in regular stores (and not just order online from big girl stores) would lead to an anxiety attack because there were too many choices and I’d have to leave.
  • How “the girls” would not lose an inch for the first few years, until one day I woke up, looked down and went “what happened?”
  • That after drinking flavored seltzer, and coffee with just milk, sugary drinks were too sweet and not tolerated.
  • That I would willingly get up at 5AM to do early morning fitness classes.
  • That I would be able to do “big girl” pushups. (yes, real ones)
  • How trying on a pair of size 6 jeans in Target would bring a tear to my eye in the changing room.
  • That I’d start this journey so ashamed of my weight and how I looked, but now will show my “before” picture to people who didn’t know me then and even start a blog about this.
  • That I’d use my labor and delivery nurse talent of measuring with my fingers to check how much of the seatbelts on planes I’d have hanging free, whereas before I’d have it all the way to the end and digging into my thigh.
  • That I would learn to like and love myself.
  • That I would lose weight and gain self-confidence.

And so much more …

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  1. That’s one of my favorite threads on MFP as well! Thanks for this. My biggest surprise was how much colder I feel without all the extra insulation.

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