Same shirt – five pound difference

On Christmas morning, Facebook showed me my most liked photo of 2015, which was taken on Christmas Day. It’s a picture of me and my very handsome nephew. What struck me is that I thought I looked bigger than I am now, and I have difficulty seeing weight changes in myself. I went back to my My Fitness Pal account and saw that I weighed 138 lbs. then and am approximately 5 lbs. higher writing this. I dug up the same shirt and snapped the picture on the right today. Besides noting I need to work on my selfie skills, I can see that today, while I weigh more I am smaller.
I’ve been working on changing my focus to strength, muscle gains and being as strong as I can be. A recent Dexa scan showed I’d lost three pounds of muscle and that threw me off my game. I’ve made some changes to hopefully correct this and will check again in a few months, but seeing these pictures side by side is helpful to my psyche in that it shows the work is paying off and the minor setbacks I experience, are just that, minor.

Looking at pictures of myself has always been torture, so I avoided it whenever possible. It’s still not easy, but I cringe less often. Everyone advises you to take pictures, so even when the scale doesn’t move, you can see the differences. I never saw the first fifty pound loss until I put two pictures of me side by side. I haven’t taken them on a regular schedule but I have done some along the way. While most will never see the light of day, it’s a testament to the fat loss and muscle gain I have experienced on this health journey.

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