Random Thoughts on the Treadmill

Took myself to the gym this morning to use the treadmill. I have a love/hate relationship with the thing. I definitely prefer running outside, but realize it’s a necessary evil at times. Next week I’m signed up for a 5 mile race. The last time I did that race, I ended up walking part of it, so I’m determined to run it all this time, even at a snail’s pace. I planned on four miles this morning, haven’t done that distance since April, 3.1/5Ks are more my thing. Despite the multiple tvs, my headphones and playlist, open windows and people watching, I get bored on the treadmill. These do have videos of trails you can watch while you run or walk and those are what keep me on for longer than ten seconds. The videos cover trails in the Western US State Parks, New Zealand and Germany. This morning I was thinking about a blog topic when the idea of things that go through my head while running might be fun. Or frightening. So, here we go …

(You never know which location you’ll be in first, I ended up in the US parks)

  • Geez! Drop me in on the side of a cliff! (the first time I landed on this trail with nothing but a long drop to my death on one side, I swear I grabbed for the side of the mountain)
  • Oh good, I love these trails, gonna do four miles – probably.
  • Why do I always run with my right index finger and thumb sticking out?
  • I need to visit these parks.
  • So, when I get home, I’m going to start boiling the water for my hard boiled eggs meal prep, put the bag of carrots in the microwave, run upstairs and shower, come back to the kitchen, put the eggs on, set my phone timer, and nuke my coffee.
  • Coffee.
  • Need to be ready to leave by 11:30ish (went to check out a shelter kitty in a foster home, decided to adopt her, she comes home Friday)
  • Why is the camera guy running so close to the brick wall? Move over idiot! You’re scraping my legs!
  • Approaching a tree in the middle of the path – I can’t remember if camera guy goes left or right, I swear he was going to kill us both.
  • I’m not checking my distance until at least ten songs play.
  • Three, three, three, three (kept chanting to keep track).
  • Don’t peek!
  • So, when I get home, I’m going to start boiling the water for my hard boiled eggs meal prep, put the bag of carrots in the microwave, run upstairs and shower, come back to the kitchen, put the eggs on, set my phone timer, and nuke my coffee.
  • Karen you need to stop over planning things. You said that already.
  • Why are there eighty bazillion steps up the side of this mountain? Thank God I’m not running them for real, I’d have tripped and rolled back down by now.
  • Four, four, four.
  • I’m not even sweating yet. Go me.
  • Get out of the way people in my video, can’t you see crazy camera guy coming at you?
  • I need coffee.
  • Next week I’m going to start out really slow and stay slow.
  • Is it five, or six? … Six, six, six.
  • I wish they’d have filmed in Yellowstone.
  • Move already! (they end a shot with a few seconds of a panoramic view).
  • In two, out two, in two, out two.
  • Did I really say four miles?
  • Why did I sign up for this race?
  • Remember to put the books in the car so you can go straight to the library after the kitty meet and greet.
  • Eight –  damn it – you can’t even hold out till ten and why is it only 2.2 miles???
  • Keep going, stop whining.
  • Why did you get on a treadmill so far away from the HGTV tv?
  • Coffee.
  • Sure, like adding 1/10 of a mile to your pace is going to move this along.
  • What does one wear to meet a cat?
  • Okay, if I was running on the beach for real, I’d run closer to the water.
  • Don’t peek!
  • Yay, finished the parks, now being rerouted to Germany.
  • Love these flat trails.
  • Hate these rocks.
  • My favorite part – running past the guy on the bicycle. It’s hard to laugh and pant at the same time.
  • Ooh, this part is nice, the gardens.
  • Look at all the people lounging in the garden chairs. Slackers!
  • Why is German camera guy choosing the paths with the puddles?
  • Okay fine, peek. 3.95 miles, almost done, but you know you should do five.
  • Fine, I’ll do five, but I won’t like it.
  • (Peeking) 4.02 … sigh … too soon
  • Too many people in this scene and they won’t get out of my way.
  • I still want coffee.
  • Perfect timing with this song (Whatever It Takes)
  • Why isn’t this over?
  • Almost – 4.95
  • COOL DOWN! Hit the button, COOL DOWN!

Good job … 


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The F word

Fiber people. Fiber. Give me a little credit (although what you were thinking would make a fun post).

But I digress.

I’m currently studying for my ACE Health Coach certification. I’m in the nutrition chapters so I figured it would be a good idea to write something nutrition related and for whatever reason, fiber came to mind.

I like fiber. It’s one of the macronutrients I track on my My Fitness Pal food diary. The recommendations by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for an adult are 20-35 grams of fiber per day.

Fiber is the part of plant based foods that is not broken down by the enzymes in our digestive systems. It leaves your body, and it’s like a little broom in your digestive tract. Fiber gets you “regular” and that alone will make you feel good. I know it makes me happy. (TMI?) Other benefits of fiber include lowering your “bad” cholesterol level – the LDL. It also helps keep your blood sugar levels more stable. When you drink a glass of fruit juice, you get a quick sugar spike, but if you eat that juice in the form of whatever whole fruit it is, the fiber in it, will cause the rise in blood sugar to occur much more slowly and not go as high. Fiber makes you feel fuller longer and that is key to weight loss. I’ve noticed the difference in eating habits from earlier on when I wasn’t monitoring the amounts I consumed.

To get more fiber in your diet, you want to of course, eat more fruit and veggies, as well as nuts and seeds. Whole grain foods are another excellent source of fiber. Look for “whole grains”  or “whole wheat” as one of the first ingredients listed on the label. “Refined” or “enriched” grains were altered and have lower fiber levels. The process to alter them will allow for a longer shelf life. Eating a food in it’s original state is always best.

I know this was a strange topic, but it’s an important one. Making changes like incorporating more fiber, leads to lifelong benefits for good health and there’s nothing more important.


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Me Meal Prep?

Why yes, Karen, you finally learned.

I’ve been meal prepping my work lunches for almost a year now. I used to read all about it on sites I follow like Organize Yourself Skinny but never made an attempt. I don’t really like to cook and the idea of making several days worth of food in one sitting never interested me. When I started tackling my weight issue, I was working twelve-hour night shifts three times a week. It was on an understaffed and very busy hospital unit where real breaks were a rarity. Most of the time, it was you watching your monitors while you ate at the desk. I learned to bring lots of smaller items I could eat quickly. Then, last fall, I took a M-F 8-5 daytime job. I go to the gym before work, then shower and drive straight there, so I now eat breakfast and lunch at work. I’m up at an ungodly hour and that requires me to put my gym clothes in the bathroom, and even the water in my coffee mug the night before, so I don’t have the time or the functioning brain cells at that hour to think about what I’m going to have for lunch. It’s also an office where you can’t eat outside the breakroom, so I was going to have to think about real meals, not a lot of grab and go foods that I could eat every two to three hours like before.

I did my research and bought some meal prep containers. I like the two compartment ones, but there are many kinds to choose from.

I decided on chicken and a veggie, easy enough, even for me and chicken is something I can eat every day. So now my routine is to take the frozen chicken out of the freezer Friday nights, put it in the refrigerator. Then it goes into the slow cooker on Saturday night. On Sunday, I prep it into containers along with whatever veggies I can steam and add to the other compartment. I also hard boil a dozen eggs, peel and pack them into two egg portions. My breakfast consists of the eggs and the Elli Quark cheese that looks and tastes like Greek yogurt. I also add a Chobani Flip for a “dessert.” I’m a huge fan of Chocolate Haze Craze, which gives me some chocolate but also lots of protein. All of the above are easy enough to throw into my lunch bag while my Keurig is making my coffee. Multi-tasking is good.

I’ve embraced the meal prep idea. I watch the coworkers go out and bring back takeout every day, it’s not a good habit, for the body and the wallet. There are some temptations around the office and so far I’ve managed to avoid them – except for that one time the new pizza place was giving away free food on their opening day, and since I think pizza is it’s own food group, I had to try it. It’s good, but didn’t make me want to go back (fussy NYer here).

I’ve seen where people do all three meals, or for longer than five days and fill up the refrigerator. What I’m doing works for me and my current schedule.

It takes a bit of planning but meal prepping is a great way to save time, money and stress.


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Karen and 5Ks

It’s a complicated relationship. Definitely a love/hate one. I’ll register for them, then immediately go “WTF did I do that for?”

I think my issues started back in junior high school, the sadistic gym teachers had us do an 8 minute run. It was torture for me. Granted, it was only once a year, but since I still hold a grudge forty years later, so you can see I didn’t like it.

Being overweight, then obese, then morbidly obese, running was not really on my list of activities. When I lived in NYC, I’d run and walk around the Central Park Reservoir. I’d run a half-mile, then walk the rest. I did a rare mile, but seeing my life flash before my eyes, I didn’t make that a regular occurrence.

When I moved to North Carolina, I noticed how many people are outside walking and running every day. Walking became my go to exercise when I started this health journey.  I learned about the popular Couch to 5K program and downloaded the free app. It takes you through running with intervals and nine weeks later, you’re running 30 minutes straight! I was very skeptical, but it is a fantastic program and really works.

My subdivision holds a yearly 5K and I’ve done it the past few years, the most recent one being yesterday. It’s not a large race 100-300 runners, which is a great way to start when you’re new and intimidated by the whole idea. It was the first one I registered for. I’ve done larger ones with several thousand participants as well. That idea was scary at first, but also good because you don’t feel like you stand out since there are so many others around you.

My goals for 5Ks are to run the whole thing, not come in dead last and not need medical attention when I’m done. I checked all those boxes yesterday. In fact, I came in second in the female 50-59 year old category! My time was 30:50, not my fastest, not my slowest and I’m happy with it. I’ve managed a sub-30 minute 5K twice in the past, once on this course, but it’s been eluding me lately and I’m not focusing on it. I can physically run the race, but I spend a lot of time talking myself into not walking. Races tend to make me go faster than I should and I have to continually try to slow it to a pace I can manage for that amount of time. It was a problem for me yesterday through the whole course. The first time I looked at my pace, it was over 7 mph! Slow down, Karen! I did, but still there were times it was faster than it should have been. But I accomplished what I set out to do and all is good.

I always ask someone to take an “after” picture of me to prove I’m still standing.  And actually smiling.

My next race is in October and it’s a five mile run.  Again, “WTF did I do that for?” I did it two years ago, but started out too fast because I was running with two other people, couldn’t keep up, ended up walking a few times and being mad at myself. Currently working on a mental plan to run the whole danged course.


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Today I bench pressed the same amount of weight I lost

And that would be 105 pounds. It was a 1RM (one rep max) and it was heavy. I actually didn’t realize it was the same amount of weight I’d lost until I was posting a picture of it on Instagram this morning. I blame that on my lack of caffeine and the early pre-work hour.

I had a few minutes to think about it. Besides the “Yay me!” feeling from having benched a triple-digit number, I thought about how freakin’ heavy it was, and how I had to dig deep and give it all the power I had to push that weight back up. My trainer was ready to help, but I saw her hands and just concentrated on moving the barbell out of her reach. They call it a 1RM because it’s the maximum amount of weight a person can lift once. I definitely couldn’t have done two.

So, that’s the same amount of weight I hauled around with me for years. Yikes!! No wonder I had no energy. At least the bench press was quick. It made me remember how moving was a chore and how tiring it was. As a nurse, I walked a lot during the shifts but it was taxing, especially as I got older. Walking now feels good, I love to move, it doesn’t have to be doing things like a 5K or a Boot Camp class, just getting out and moving myself from point A to point B is enjoyable.  I certainly don’t mind some quality time on the couch, but I need and want to move.  It’s much more fun without the extra me. So, I will remember this lift, how I pushed 105 lbs. away from me. For the second time.

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