On December 29, 2012, I started a My Fitness Pal account (user name kar328 in case anyone wants to be friends there). I heard about it from an online friend, I’d been reading her wonderful blog and we were emailing since her previous medical doctor was someone at a spa/resort in Arizona I went to a few times. I’d never heard of MFP, and signed up on that day. I waited until January 2nd 2013 to start my “weight loss journey” as it’s commonly called.

MFP is responsible for my being successful this time around. I was nervous, I’d tried losing weight on my own more times than I could remember and never stuck with it. I was a member of a national weight loss chain back in my 20s, lost 51 lbs, but didn’t learn how to keep it off and gained it all back, plus quite a bit more. I didn’t think this would work on my own. Every day I’m grateful I took that chance.

MFP is a fantastic site. You make an account and to set up your profile, you add in your weight, height, how fast you want to lose and it gives you your calorie count and macros (protein/fat/carb).  and start logging your food. There are thousands and thousands of food listings in their database, including restaurants and fast food chains. The more you log, the larger your “add food” section becomes, and then involves just checking a box. You can make a recipe, add in all the ingredients, name it and then just click on the box. There is space to record your measurements, weights and exercise/workouts. You can see all this information on graphs. My dietitian says I love data and she’s not kidding.

Your profile has a wall, where you can make status updates and add friends. Most of my friends are ones I found in the community forums, people who have never met me, but will congratulate me on losing 0.2 lbs, or doing a 5K and not needing medical attention. MFP says that it’s been shown that people who have friends, will lose more weight. I love seeing their progress. Their support is immeasurable. It’s such a difference there compared to posting something on my Facebook page and having people tell me I post too many food pics (yes, really) or motivational quotes. They just don’t get it.

I give most of my weight loss credit to the information readily available on the site. The community forums have sections on losing weight, exercising, recipes and more. There are countless links to read articles and learn. The people on these forums are just like me, wanting to be a healthier version of myself. Along this journey (today 7/8/18 is day 2018 of my logging in) I learned so much about food, about nutrients, about how the body works and what I can do to make it healthy. I learned how to eat, but also enjoy myself. I learned how to make these changes and think of this as a lifestyle, not a diet. These habits are now a part of my life and something I can and will, keep doing in order to make the best version of me possible.

Thank you My Fitness Pal (and Kristi).