My Body Has a Mind of It’s Own

And it’s sense of humor is more warped than mine.

Yes, I know we’re a package deal. No, I’m not suffering from dissociative identity disorder (multiple personalities). It’s just that my body, during this health journey, does it’s own thing. It didn’t read the directions, and it doesn’t always consult with me.

I’ve had multiple weight loss plateaus these past five years. I usually can peg the cause. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome so the weight loss part can be harder. I also stress ate my way through a lot of issues. I get those, and with the help of a very patient (and wonderful) dietitian, those stress pounds went away. My losing fifteen pounds since March is a lot for me, it was about three pounds a month, which is really decent at my current weight and after doing this for so long.

So, when I wrote the Day 2053 post in August, having hit the initial 145 lb. goal weight we set, I knew my body would go “yeah right, goal weight my a$$, watch this” and do it’s own thing. It did. It wasn’t a lot, it jumped up as high as 148.4 and stayed in the 146-147 lb. range for the past month. Not a big deal, I’m in the best mindset of my life right now, with my weight, health and happiness.

I did a lot of weights and strength training last week, so I’ve been sore for most of it. I know when there are sore muscles, there’s also extra water weight as your body tries to repair itself. That also makes it easier to get on the scale and know you didn’t gain two pounds of fat, you did a boatload of burpees and picked up a lot of heavy things. This past Thursday I was 146.4. I then went to a new Body Conditioning class, mostly weights. I expected to see the scale go up the next day, but hey – my body decided to be nice and give me 144.6. Okay, thank you. It was also the start of Hurricane Florence here in NC and being stuck at home can be dangerous as I’ve also eaten my way through boredom in the past.  I got in a walk before the rains started, and stuck to my logged foods. Woke up Saturday and another surprise 143.6! I think I snorted while I was on the scale. So, 2.8 lbs. in two days. I know I’ve done this before, nothing for eons, then suddenly a lot in a short time, usually followed by a gain. I didn’t expect it t happen again. Emailed my dietitian – she referred to it as “dumb blind fat burn” – she thinks it’s real. As usual, she’s right. Sunday I wasn’t expecting anything and 142.8! Now at 3.6 lbs. in three days. Is it my birthday? Why is this body of mine messing with me like this? Nothing’s changed as far as working out or my food intake. It’s nice, and I’m grateful, but it’s weird. Just weird.

I know it’s not going to continue and that’s okay. It shows me it can do this and my new 138 lb. goal is possible. The biggest concern is preserving as much lean muscle as possible, you do lose some with fat loss. My last Dexa scan showed I only lost about six ounces out of eight or nine pounds, which is less than usual. I’m doubting much muscle went bye-bye with this sudden drop, that it is what Britt called it – a “dumb blind fat burn.” The gym reopened Sunday and both my body and I went and picked up heavy things (I have a 5K this coming weekend, so some time was spent on the treadmill as well.)

Who knows where the next turn on this journey will be? I don’t know, but I’ll have to admit, it’s never dull.

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