I get asked a lot what my motivation is for losing the 100(ish) pounds. I don’t really feel like I have a great answer. I just got tired, mentally and physically, of carting the weight around, of not being able to do basic physical activities, like walking from the parking deck at work to the front door without heavy breathing. Of being able to sleep face down because there was too much of me in the way. Of being able to touch my toes.

There was no flash of lightning, no one special moment, no big (pun intended) turning point. I just decided to finally get my act together and work on me. I signed up for a My Fitness Pal account, set a date a few days away, woke up that morning and took the first step on my weight loss journey (now a health journey). No fanfare, I didn’t tell a soul because I was afraid of not being able to do it on my own and didn’t want to admit defeat. Now, I’ll tell anybody who’ll listen.

As the weight came off, I got hooked on the whole process. Reaching that first big milestone into Onederland was probably the defining moment when I knew this could be for real. I have a picture of the scale saying “199” taped to my monitor. It was a wonderful and sad day – it was the anniversary of the day I lost my Mother. I thought I’d reach Onderland the day before, but the scale read 200.2lbs. The next day, 199 on the dot. It was like my Mom was there and giving me a message.

Whatever your reasons for losing weight are, you can do this. Don’t wait for the big jolt of motivation, it may not come. Do it because you want to and because you have the ability to make a better version of the incredible person you already are. Love yourself either way.

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