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I’m back.

Just read my last blog entry from September 2019, what a downer. I didn’t leave off on a good note. I then let the blog fall by the wayside partly because I’m not computer savvy and there was so much wrong or lacking in the way I had it set up. And partly because I was frustrated with the way things were going for me.

Let’s try this again. First, the blog. I found a wonderful woman to help me revamp this blog, making it look so good that a stranger reading it wouldn’t know how little I know about websites, blogs and social media. She’s taught me a lot in biweekly lessons, and has the patience of a saint every time I click on the wrong button. Her own lifestyle, travel and wellness blog, Tea In January has some great articles and a lot of recipes I need someone to make for me. Go check it out!take the first step

So, a lot has happened since my last entry. 2020 happened. For all of us. I left my prior toxic job and took one with another medical facility. I was lucky enough to work full time through the initial lockdown and not have to stress about money. I had also decided I wanted to move from my townhome into the 55+ section of my subdivision, but figured doing so in the middle of a pandemic would be hard and I’d wait. A chance meeting while out on a walk in May with someone from my neighborhood, who just closed on a house in the 55+ section, led to me going home with the name of her realtor. I planned to just look around and get an idea of what I wanted, but of course, I saw something I wanted and put in an offer on a really cute home ten doors away from my friend. Selling my home at the same time was more stressful than buying, but in the end it all worked out. So I changed jobs and bought and sold a house, all within a six month period. Those are always on those lists of most stressful events in a person’s life –  bonus points for doing it during Covid.

With the gym closed for the spring and the above mentioned fun times, I resorted back to stress eating. I did try to stay active with walking and online workout videos, but the weight started creeping back up. The gym reopened but I can’t do as many early morning classes as I used to, since they’re scheduled too late, and you know, you’re expected to show up for work on time. Not having that morning routine is still hard for me.

I’d avoided the scale most of the year, trying to get out of the mindset of letting that number dictate how I feel. But it got to a certain point where I could no longer deny the weight was coming back on so I finally dusted it off and peeked. Forty pounds have returned. I’m obviously not happy about that but at the same time, I’m still down over fifty pounds from when I began this journey. I still work with the world’s best dietitian and we’re in full combat mode getting this taken care of. With her help, I’m confident it will happen.

I’ve watched several of the people I follow on social media, who’ve also regained some weight take control again and keep going. That’s what I intend to do and I’m going to use this blog to help me along the way.