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So, it’s that time of year, my favorite holiday, Halloween is upon us. I love fall, the colors, the crisp air, the busy year winding down and of course, Halloween candy.

Now, I don’t have children but I once was one. Having a big bag or bowl of assorted sugary goodness makes kids of all ages happy. But as adults, we can’t eat it like we used to and not have consequences, sugar rushes aren’t what they used to be, dental work is expensive, inflammation is not attractive. Yet, taking candy from your childrens’ Halloween baskets is a time honored tradition, all in the name of safety of course .

So, if you’re going to “closely monitor” what’s in your childrens’ baskets, here are some suggestions worth “inspecting.”

Just a few favorite candy choices

Snickers Full of peanuts which have healthy fats and protein nestled in there with the caramel, nougat and chocolate. And they keep you from getting “hangry.”

Twix  Right or left? How does one choose between the two? Personally, I don’t. Both it is. Not as much healthy fat as the Snickers and I’m okay with that.

M&Ms Where to begin? So many options, colors, shapes and sizes. And it has its own store in Times Square aka The Center of the Universe. You can rationalize that the minis are low cal if you don’t keep count of how many you are eating. One regular M&M has 3.4 calories

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Some of us are old enough to remember the commercials for this magical combination of chocolate and peanut butter. Whoever first thought up combining the two deserves a Nobel Prize. 

Dark chocolate is spectacular enough to come with it’s own health benefits! Antioxidants, fibers and minerals such as calcium and magnesium are found within. I like a 72% level, enough to reap the benefits, but not too strong or bitter. 

These are just a few of the thousands of choices out there to “inspect.” The ones listed above all come in mini sizes, easy to rationalize the caloric intake. But, hey, it’s Halloween, whether you’re a kid or a kid stuck in an adult body, enjoying the spirt of the holiday is worth indulging in.

Let me know your past and present favorites, in the comments below.