I was out walking earlier and thinking of what to write for this post. It was just last Sunday when I did my Bull City Five Mile race.   My goal in that was to run the whole course as the previous time I tried it, I wasn’t able to do so.  I was thinking about how that had been something I really wanted to do for the past two years (only did the mile course last year due to a plantar’s fasciitis). It was a great feeling. Still is.

It’s good to have goals in all areas of your life. Definitely in this weight loss/health journey thing. I’d have never made it this far without them, or if my only one was to lose the 100+  lbs. That was a big goal at the time, and it was overwhelming. It had to be broken down into smaller ones, as far as the numbers went, or I’d have failed miserably. For me, starting at 248 lbs., getting to Onederland was an important one. I still have the picture of the scale saying “199” taped over my computer.

But it’s not all about the number on the scale. (Yes Britt, I do listen). As I learned more along the way, the more important numbers became more about reaching milestones in body fat percent, moving out of being obese, increasing my lean muscle mass number and more.

It’s also about reaching physical goals. I ran five freakin’ miles last week. Nowhere in the past would I, or could I, have done that. I run. And not because someone is chasing me, just because I can. My first goal with running was just to finish the Couch to 5K program, especially the dreaded Week Five, Day Three where you don’t do intervals and run 20 minutes straight. I did it and even had enough energy when the timer went off to do one of those football touchdown dances!

Another goal was to go to early morning classes at the gym. The first year I made that one, I just had to go to one and it took me till October to actually do it. Then my goal was to do Boot Camp, be able to do whatever was on the schedule and not be the slowest person in the class. I checked that off the list and it’s now my favorite class.

I’ve reached goals I’ve set in lifting weights with bench pressing and deadlifting. One of my current ones related to physical activity is to do a pull up or chin up. That’s going to take some time and that’s okay. I joke around and say just one before I die. In the meantime, I’m working towards that by continuing to lift weights, to increase the amount of lean muscle mass in my body, especially my arms, shoulders and back.

I also thought about ones I’d like to accomplish.

Related to the physical part of my health journey:

  • do the pull up
  • end up with 20% body fat
  • do more strength training
  • run next year’s Bull City 5 miles in 49:59 or less
  • walk outside more

Related to the mental part of my health journey

  • handle stress better
  • more confidence
  • care less about certain things/people
  • go back to meditation

Other goals (just a few)

  • finish up studying and pass the Health Coach certification test
  • become a Health Coach
  • get up the nerve to use the Group Fitness Instructor certification
  • work on this blog more
  • be happy


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