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Double digits. It was fun when I turned eleven, not so fun now, but on the other hand, it’s better than not being fifty-five, right?

I’m long overdue for a new blog post. That’s a whole other post. But today, Karen turns the big 55. It’s been a good day and I want to remember it, so here I am.

First, no work. The last time I worked on my birthday was when I was in college and worked in a restaurant with 30 flavors of ice cream – I didn’t mind that one. Funny part was, the coworkers got me a cake from another place! Anyway, it’s not happening today. I can think up better things to do with my day. It started early with Power Yoga. I’ve been taking that class once a week since the New Year, and really noticing that it helps my brain and spirit. You can get a lot of clarity when you’re downward dogging, or in corpse pose.

Also got to take a TRX and kettle bells class with one of my favorite instructors who I don’t get to see anymore since I took the daytime job. I’ll be sore tomorrow but enjoyed it today (except for that deep quad stretch, holy moly!)

Last year I went to a foot spa in Raleigh where you can have an hour of sheer bliss, in a recliner, while someone massages your legs, arms, head and does some wonderful acupressure. Decided to repeat that experience and it did not disappoint. (makes mental note not to wait until next birthday to go back)

I rarely eat out these days. I used to eat out almost all the time and it’s part of the reason I was 248 pounds. I don’t like to cook so I tend to stick with the same few meals. I didn’t want to eat the same old stuff today, so I stopped in a new place nearby that makes diced salads and wraps. While they sound healthy, I know they can be costly in calories and macros, but those don’t count on birthdays, right? I did manage to find the nutritional information on their website and did log it, another holy moly moment (and if you think moly is the word I’m actually uttering, guess again.) It was big enough so I took half, decided to eat outside on this gorgeous day and took it and my book to a bench in the next neighborhood that is elevated above the lake.

Between yoga, the massage and the time outside, I got to spend a lot of time in my head (can be a scary place) but it helped me see what I need to refocus my attention on, like this blog and possible career options.

I’m seeing the family over the weekend, but I decided to celebrate with this. I don’t keep ice cream in the house as it’s a big trigger food for me, so here it is in all it’s glory. I’m going to go make a wish and blow out the candle and look forward to what 55 has to offer.