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It’s my birthday and I turn 57 today. A lot of people don’t like to reveal their age, but hey, it’s better to be 57, than not be 57, right? It’s been a long year and so many people aren’t around to celebrate their birthdays this year.

Birthdays are markers in your life, a time to think about where you are, where you’ve been and where you’re heading. I’ll see my family next weekend at Easter, so I’m hanging out on my own today, with a lot of time to think about this stuff.

Taking a break from the routine

Having been on this weight loss or health journey for so long, I’m used to not eating all the sugar when I want, or trying not to eat five portions instead of one. I’m used to logging all the foods, including trying to estimate the foods not in the database. But not today. Birthdays and holidays are a time to enjoy food, to celebrate the day and to be okay with that, including what the scale says the next day. (Okay, there may be a bad word in there, but I know it’s only temporary.)

What I’m celebrating

More importantly, birthdays and holidays are a time to celebrate family, people, tradition, and history. We all know it’s been a strange and hard year. I’m celebrating that I’m still here, I’m still healthy, that I was able to continue to work and that I managed to find different ways to do things when part of my normal routine were shut down. Going to the gym is always a fun place for me, having it closed for three months was hard. Learning to do Zoom workouts is a new skill. So is using the equipment I had at home, improvising when I needed to and most importantly, continuing my fitness routine as best I could. Even now, with it being open, it’s still a different routine because of current restrictions, but I’m still there and still enjoying it.

I’m celebrating my move into a new house and neighborhood that I love. It’s made me so happy and I feel settled. I even added a second cat. I don’t think the first cat is as happy as I am though 🙂

I’m also celebrating that I’ve become more social than I’ve been in many years. For an introvert, that’s a big deal. I’m also celebrating that I decided to reinstate this blog and am looking forward to seeing what I can do with it.

today’s birthday plans

I took myself for a spa treatment this afternoon, it’s been my birthday tradition for a few years. It was closed last year and I missed going. Besides the incredible foot massage, it was a big step to see that we’re slowly getting back to “normal” and wow, that’s been a long time coming.

My food plans tonight are to try an Italian restaurant I heard good things about and to make a wish and blow out the candle on a Baskin Robbins ice cream log I ordered.