Carb Fest

I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). It’s a hormonal disorder, it has many symptoms, not every women has all of them. One of the biggies for me is weight gain, it’s extremely easy to gain weight and harder than normal to lose it. One of the dietary recommendations is to limit simple carbs, (aka all the ones I really want, bagels, ice cream etc). There’s a higher risk of becoming insulin resistant and diabetic and I’m not planning on either of those. So, my eating habits these past few years on this weight loss journey have been to eat lowER carbs, not necessarily a low carb diet. The average default diet set by My Fitness Pal has 50% carbs. Mine is currently at 30%.

I eat carbs, but try to make most of them vegetables, fruit, yogurts and avoid those listed above. Ice cream is a real trigger food for me, I cannot have it in the house. A 1.5L carton of Edy’s Slow Churned Chocolate Chip is gone in two days (and that’s with me using some self-control). I recently went to New York City. I’m a NYer living elsewhere. I miss the food. Pizza really is better there. When I do go to NYC, I have those foods I limit here. I discussed my plans with my dietitian, she got full disclosure and I got her blessing. It was barely 48 hours and I go once or twice a year. I weighed myself before leaving, and upon my return, was three pounds higher. I thought it would be more. Each gram of carbs uses 3-4 grams of water to store it. It can take a while to have this extra weight settle and leave the body. So, I promised her I wouldn’t whine about the weight and I didn’t, I went back to my usual eating habits, drank some extra water and in three days, I was the exact same weight as I was on my way to the airport. And the day after, another half-pound was gone. I had a great time in NYC, ate a lot of yummy foods and enjoyed myself. For me it was a great lesson about how my body works and how moderation is the key. Going without bagels, pizza and cookies for the rest of my life is simply not an option. I know I can’t do it every day, but I can do it. And enjoy it.

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